Where have I been?

To the few followers I have:

This blog was started as a place to showcase the work that I did in my journalism classes at Auburn University. Lacking an effective way to show that I was doing more than just writing for The Odyssey or The Plainsman, but not wanting to be pretentious enough to think people would actually care, I put them all onto a blog and limited my self promotion.

This summer, I started something completely different. I made a daily blog to chronicle the work I do in an internship with Columbus and the Valley magazine in Columbus, Ga.


On the blog people can find my struggles, my voice and my pictures. They can also see the new ideas I am coming up with as a main component of building online traffic.

This blog is more like a seismograph, picking up the after shocks of my writing. My internship blog resembles more closely a lightning rod, in the middle of the action as I detail each new event, photo shoot, story, idea and experience.

This blog will likely fall to the wayside this summer, while my other blog enjoys the grooming and attention needed to push on and grow.

Here’s the link one more time, just in case.




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