Hit the waterfall’s bottom on Chewacla’s Rock Bottom Trail


It’s easy to hide behind shuttered windows and pool overhangs when the summer sun beats down on East Alabama. But memories aren’t made indoors, and the pool side is a static view for any average day.

Chewacla’s Rock Bottom Trail offers hiking, the river, multiple waterfalls and a pond in the ever–changing, ever–growing outdoors. A gracious canopy of leaves shades the trail, making it easy and fun for everyone, even your dog.

Animals are welcome in Chewacla.

Animals are welcome in Chewacla.

Chewacla State Park has 25 different trails to take. If you like biking, ride the NORBA Trail. If you like taking it easy, walk the Lakeside Connector. If you enjoy a comfortable leg burn hiking short bouts of steep banks, dipping into the cool water of Lake Chewacla, feeling the light mist coming off of waterfalls and crossing paths with birds, snakes and frogs all in a period of four miles, hike Rock Bottom Trail.



Waterfall access allows you to get as close as you dare.

The rush of water is always nearby on Rock Bottom Trail. A wild world that feels miles from the college life of Auburn is found by venturing into the wooded area mere feet from the parking lot. It’s never too hot, thanks to the tall trees, and picnic areas are at the base near the waterfall as well as the top vantage point.



Stroll, bike, hike, do whatever it takes to make it around Rock Bottom.


  1. Be wary of copperhead snakes and poison ivy. Both are known to inhabit the area, and an encounter with a copperhead can quickly go from new and exciting to deadly.
  2. Rock Bottom Trail is an intermediate trail approximately 4.5 miles long. Straight through without any stops, the hike takes around an hour and a half. Done right, the hike takes just as long as it needs to.
  3. Trail maps can be found at the head of all major trails or picked up at the gate.
  4. Chewacla is best reached by car. It is only two miles from Auburn University, just past the I-85 entrance.
  5. Downtown Opelika has a hometown brewery, a distillery and a variety of restaurants and live music opportunities perfect for an after-hike drink Thursday-Saturday.



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